Deliverable no.Deliverable nameLead editorDelivery date
D1.1Quality planCEA2018-09
D1.2First periodic report (no public deliverable)
D1.3Final reportCEA2021-06
D1.45G-ALLSTAR impact report and future EU-KR collaboration planCEA2021-06
D2.1 5G-ALLSTAR vision document: Vision, Scope and GoalsFhG2018-10
D2.2Preliminary document of 5G-ALLSTAR architecture, API and interface specificationsCRAT/ETRI2019-04
D2.3Final document of 5G-ALLSTAR architecture, API, interface specifications and KPIs for PoCCRAT/ETRI2020-01
D2.4Final document of service scenarios/applications for PoCGEM/ETRI2020-02
D2.5Business assessment for vertical markets empowerment GEM2020-06
D3.1Spectrum usage analysis and channel modelFhG2019-06
D3.2Interference analysis for terrestrial-satellite spectrumFhG2019-12
D3.3Interference mitigation techniquesTAS2020-07
D4.1Mapping of multi-connectivity functions onto the 5G network architectureCRAT2019-04
D4.2Design and simulation of the multi-RAT load balancing algorithmsCRAT2019-12
D4.3Implementation of the multi-RAT load balancing algorithms and technical specifications of the relevant interfacesCRAT2020-12
D5.1Specification of the European testbed of 5G cellular and satellite access networksTAS2019-06
D5.2Integration and system level testing for European testbed of 5G cellular and satellite access networksTAS2020-12
D5.3Integration and system level testing for Korean testbeds of 5G cellular and satellite access networksETRI2020-08
D5.4Integration and system level testing for Korean multi-connectivityKATECH2021-04
D5.5Integration and system level testing of proof-of-concept phase 1TAS2021-04
D5.6Integration and system level testing of proof-of-concept phase 2ETRI2021-06
D6.1Dissemination plan, and project websiteFhG2018-09
D6.2Dissemination activity report Y1FhG2019-06
D6.3Dissemination activity report Y2FhG2020-06
D6.4Dissemination activity report Y3FhG2021-06
D6.5Standardization Action PlanTAS2018-12
D6.6Report on standardization activities Y1TAS2019-06
D6.7Report on standardization activities Y2TAS2020-06
D6.8Report on standardization activities Y3TAS2021-06
D6.9Plan for exploitation towards Vertical stakeholdersGEM2019-12
D6.10Report on exploitation Y2GEM2020-06
D6.11Report on exploitation Y3GEM2021-06
D6.12Data management planCEA2018-09


Publication titleAuthorsJournal, proceedings, or book titleStatus
Channel Characteristics in Rural Railway Environment at 28 GHzLonghe Wang, Bo Ai, Ke Guan, Danping He, Zhangdui Zhong, Junhyeong Kim2018 16th International Conference on Intelligent Transportation Systems Telecommunications (ITST)published
Realistic Channel Characterization for 5G Millimeter-wave Railway CommunicationsKe Guan, Danping He, Bo Ai, Andrej Hrovatz, Junhyeong Kim, Zhangdui Zhong, Thomas Kürner2018 IEEE Global Communications Conference (GLOBECOM)published
Current Development of Vector Tracking Loops for Stand-Alone GNSS Receivers in Urban CanyonsHung Pham-Viet, Sungoh Kwon, Seok Ho WonKICS Winter Conference 2019published
Millimeter-Wave Communications for Smart Rail Mobility: From Channel Modeling to PrototypingKe Guan, Danping He, Bo Ai, Bile Peng, Andrej Hrovat, Junhyeong Kim, Zhangdui Zhong, Thomas Kürner2019 IEEE International Conference on Communications Workshops (ICC Workshops)published
5G-ALLSTAR: An Integrated Satellite/Cellular System for 5G and BeyondJunhyeong Kim, Guido Casati, Federico Lisi, Antonio Pietrabissa, Emilio Calvanese Strinati, Nicolas Cassiau, Gosan Noh, Ilgyu Kim, Marjorie Thary, Jean-Michel Houssin, Federico Pigni, Sylvain Colombero, and Pierre Dal Zotto2019 IEEE Global Communications Conference (GLOBECOM)submitted
A Spatially Consistent Geometric D2D Small-Scale Fading Model for Multiple FrequenciesStephan Jaeckel, Leszek Raschkowski, Frank Burkhardt and Lars ThieleIEEE VTC Fall '19presented
Multi-Connectivity in 5G terrestrial-Satellite Networks: the 5G-ALLSTAR SolutionFederico Lisi, Giacinto Losquadro, Francesco Delli Priscoli, Antonio Ornatelli, Manuel Donsante25th Ka and Broadband Communications Conferencepresented
Air Interface Challenges and Solutions for future 6GJ. B. Doré, E. Calvanese Strinati, B. Miscopein, D. Kténas, S. Barbarossa1st 6G Wireless Summitpresented
A Comprehensive Study on mmWave-based Mobile Hotspot Network System for High-Speed Train CommunicationsJunhyeong Kim, Mathis Schmieder, Michael Peter, Heesang Chung, Sung-Woo Choi, Ilgyu Kim, and Youngnam HanIEEE Transactions on Vehicular Technologypublished
6G: The Next Frontier: From Holographic Messaging to Artificial Intelligence Using Subterahertz and Visible Light CommunicationEmilio Calvanese Strinati, Sergio Barbarossa, José Luis Gonzalez-Jimenez, Dimitri Kténas, Nicolas Cassiau, Luc Maret, Cédric DehosIEEE Vehicular Technology Communication Magazine, Special issue on 6Gpublished

Dissemination Events

Panel discussion at IEEE DySPAN 2018 Seoul, Korea22-25 October 2018Panel: “Dynamic Spectrum Management: The 5G Verticals View”
Presented “Spectrum Issues in Satellite and Cellular Integration”
Discussed several spectrum related issues
3rd Korea-EU Coordinated Calls R&D Conference 2018Seoul, Korea21 October 2018Introduction to 5G-ALLSTARcompleted
5G Electronics WorkshopGrenoble, France25 June 2019Presenting the business opportunity of 5G and the interconnectivity of 5G-ALLSTARcompleted
Workshop at 41 The Executive ClubIstanbul, Turkey28 June 201941 North Business School, June 28 2019
41 The Executive Club, Istanbul, Turkey
Workshop at Koç Dijital DönüsümIstanbul, Turkey28 June 2019Koç Holding, June 28 2019
Koç Dijital Dönüsüm, Istanbul, Turkey
Control Communication and Energy NetworksRome, ItalySeveral seminars as part of the “Control Communication and Energy Networks” course within the Control Engineering Master program were organized by CRAT at the University of Rome “La Sapienza”completed
TAICS-TTA 5G Joint WorkshopTaipei, TaiwanA presentation on “Realizing High Mobility Applications towards Beyond 5G” was held by ETRI at the TAICS-TTA 5G Joint Workshop in Taipei, Taiwancompleted
Tutorial at EuCNCValencia, Spain18-21 June 2019A tutorial on “When Clouds meet 6G: the academic, industrial and standard perspective” was given by CEA at the EuCNC in Valencia, Spaincompleted
Lipari Artifical Intelligence summer schoolJuly, 2019Keynote on Intelligent Edge Cloud for beyond 5G at Lipari Artifical Intelligence summer school, July 2019.completed
Workshop at IEEE WCNC 2019Marrakech, Morocco15-19 April 2019Co-organization of a workshop at WCNC 2019completed
Tutorial at GLOBECOM 2019Waikoloa, USA9-13 December 2019Tutorial @ GLOBECOM 2019planned
Industry panel at GLOBECOM 2019Waikoloa, USA9-13 December 2019Industry panel @GLOBECOM 2019planned
Visit of Korean Ambassador at CEA-LetiGrenoble, FranceThe Korean Ambassador in France has been briefed about 5G-ALLSTAR, at CEA-Leti premisescompleted
ICT 2018 Imagine Digital- Connect Europe ConferenceVienna, Austria4-6 December 20185G ALLSTAR Introduction to ICT 2018 session of Europe, Japan and Korea collaboration for breakthrough innovationcompleted
Keynote at En&T 2018 ConferenceMoscow, Russia15-16 November 2018Plenary keynote of Mobile Wireless Backhaul Using mmWave Technologies Toward 5G and Beyondcompleted
Keynote at PIF(Photonic Internet Forum) 2018 ConferenceTokyo, JapanFebruary 12, 1900Invited keynote of PoCs and Challenges of Moving Wireless Backhaul for 5G and Beyondcompleted
Booth at CommunicAsia 2019 ExhibitionSingapore, Singapore18-20 June 2019Project publication on the booth of KT SAT in CommunicAsia and explain the concept of project to visitors completed
TNO's 5G Satcom WorkshopThe Hague, Netherland1st October 2019Workshopcompleted
2019 European Conference on Ambient Intelligence
EDGING WORKSHOP: Edge Machine Learning for Smart IoT Environments
Rome, Italy13-15 November 2019Topic areas:
Machine learning at the network edge
Fog and edge computing for IoT
Resource allocation techniques for edge computing and machine learning;
Cooperative and distributed learning for smart environments;
Applications to Internet of Things, Industry 4.0, smart cities, intelligent transportation, etc.