As a result of the 5G-ALLSTAR project, the successful demonstration of switching between 5G cellular and satellite networks is shown in a new video on our YouTube channel:

New Proof-of-Concept Demo Video

WP4 submitted their final deliverable on implementation of the multi-RAT load balancing algorithms and technical specifications of the relevant interfaces in the beginning of May. You can download it at

Deliverable D4.3 online

The Fraunhofer Heinrich Hertz Institute (HHI) has released a comprehensive update for its well-established radio channel model QuaDRiGa (QUAsi Deterministic RadIo channel GenerAtor). In its current version 2.4 the open-source based radio channel model provides various new functions that enable the simulation of non-terrestrial mobile radio networks. QuaDRiGa was developed […]

Fraunhofer HHI releases new version of radio channel model QuaDRiGa ...

WP3 submitted their final deliverable on interference mitigation techniques in the beginning of October. You can download it at

Deliverable D3.3 online

Deliverable D2.5 and D5.3 are now available for download. Whereas D2.5 deals with the business assessment for vertical empowerment, D5.3 dives into the integration and system level testing for the Korean testbeds of 5G cellular and satellite access networks. You can find the list of all available deliverables here.

New deliverables online

On June 30th 2020, three work package WP6 reports were delivered on time. The deliverables report on the promotion activities in the second year of the project, i.e. dissemination, standardization, and exploitation. You can find the list of all available deliverables here.

WP6 second year deliverables are available online

The 5G-ALLSTAR team held a 3-day team meeting in June 2020 (M24) to get everyone on board concerning the strategy to mitigate the Coronavirus impact on the project among other things. For the first time in the project, this meeting format was conducted online, since traveling is not an option […]

3-day Project Team Meeting held online defying Coronavirus

The first public project deliverables were published on the results page. These are: D1.1 Quality plan D2.1 5G-ALLSTAR vision document: Vision, Scope and Goals D6.1 Dissemination plan, and project website D6.5 Standardization Action Plan D6.12 Data management plan

First public deliverables are online